HealthInAging – Driver Safety Assessment

In Collaboration with Casady Design

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The American Geriatrics Society wanted an interactive older driver safety questionnaire added to their website to assist in determining if it is safe for an elderly person to continue driving. After we analyzed the questions and the flow of the questionnaire, Casady Design created a design.  The styles and layout matched much of the work we had done on the Drupal website using the Drupal Paragraphs module, thus we could use the Drupal site and the REST/JSON feed to send the data to a React App.

  • A special content type was created on the Drupal site for the Questions and the Results.
  • The data was organized into a Drupal View and prepared for REST export in the JSON format needed by the React App.
  • The Driving Safety Quiz was developed using React.
  • A custom Drupal module was added to create a block to display the React App on the Drupal site.